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Turbo Trainers


Turbo Trainers are a must for anyone serious about improving their fitness for cycling.

Essentially a turbo trainer is a stand with a roller attached to a resistance unit that sits under the rear wheel of your bike so you can pedal whilst remaining stationary.
There area number of different types of turbo trainer resistance units.
Some use air, others use fluid or are magnetic.  Generally fluid and magnetic turbo trainers are quiter than air trainers.

Using a turbo trainer can help you supplement your real road miles or provide focussed training via inerval bursts.

Most people tend to use turbo trainers during the darker winter months when it's not as inviting to go out riding in the cold and wet as they provide an opportunity to get some miles under your belt from the comfort of your own home.
Turbos can also be used to warm up before a race making sure you're at your best when you get off that start line. 

We stock many turbo trainers here at The Bike Factory to suit a variety of training needs.
We're specialists at being able to help set them up and also help you get the most out of your turbo training. 

Feel free to pop into our store in the Peak District and try some out.

If you'd like advice on which turbo trainer would be best for you and your budget then give us a call on 01663 735020 and one of our friendly team will be glad to advise you.