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Cycle2Work scheme from UKBikeFactory.com

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Save up to 42% on any bike with the Cycle2Work schem from UKBikeFactory.com in Whaley Bridge.

If your  employer is signed up for Cycle2Work with us we can supply the right bike for you and save you up to 42% off the value of a bike and accessories depending on your salary.  You sacrifice some of your salary for 12 months with your employer and this is what pays for your new bike.

What are you waiting for?!
Get fit and save money on travel by getting your new bike through our Cycle2Work scheme now.

If your emplyer is already signed up with us you can apply now.  Call us on 01663 735020 to get the wheels turning!
If your employer isn't signed up with us, get them to give us a call on 01663 735020 and we'll help get them set up so you can save now.


Save money on your tax bill by offering your employees bikes through the UKBikeFactory.com Cycle2Work scheme.

Healthy employees are more productive employees.
Help your workforce along the way by enabling them to save money on buying a bike to ride to work on and reap the rewards of a healthier workforce.
You'll also save money for every employee how buys a bike through the scheme as you'll be paying less NI contributions.

Joining is easy and we can help you.

If you aren't signed up with us or you have any questions or reservations about the Cycle2Work scheme then give us a call on 01663 735020 and we'll help you get your company set up so you can save now.