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Science In Sport (SIS) Go Isotonic Energy Gel 5 x 60ml

Science In Sport (SIS) Go Isotonic Energy Gel 5 x 60ml

Regular Price: £6.50 (Save 23%)

Special Price: £5.00

SIS 7x 60ml Pack Mixed Energy Gels - DEAL

SIS 7x 60ml Pack Mixed Energy Gels - DEAL

Regular Price: £8.75 (Save 42%)

Special Price: £4.99

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Keeping your energy levels up while cycling is important.
Whether you're on a day trip with the family, a long all day ride or competing in a race the last thing you want to do is run out of energy.

Our great leader and store owner Fred Salmon is an ex professional rider and knows exactly how important it is to get the right energy at the right time in the right way.
That's one of the reasons we stock a large variety of energy gels and bars specially designed for cycling.

Good nutrition for cyclists isn't just about energy bars anymore though, oh no, it's much more than that.
Additional supplements can help with endurance and protien bars and shakes help your muscle recover after riding.
For endurance and longer rides taking on more protein before you ride also helps stop your body burning into muscle if you run out of carbohydrates.
Essential if you don't want to experience the dreaded "bonk"! 

Firm favourites among staff and customers alike are the whole CNP range of nutrition products, Science In Sport Go Isotonic energy gels and the Cliff bar energy bars.

Have a look at the videos below for some recomendations and advice on using nutrition products for cycling and how they can enhance your ride.

Head of Nutrition for British Cycling Nigel Mitchell telling us why they work with CNP, in stock at The Bike Factory in The Peak District:

Watch this videos to find out why Team Sky use CNP nutrition products (if it's good enough for the Team Sky boys then we reckon it's good enough for us too!): 

 Watch this video to see what CNP nutrition products Team Sky favour:

Watch this video to find out about the benefits of energy gels from Nigel Mitchell, Geraint Thomas and Pete Kennaugh:

Learn how to use nutrition to enhance your riding from Nigel Mitchell, Geraint Thomas and Ben Swift share some of their advice for recreational riders in this video:

Feel free to give us a call instore on 01663 735020 if you'd like advice on which energy gel, bar or drink would suit you and your riding the best.
We'd be happy to help.