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How does it work?

How does it work?

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BikeFit goes well beyond what can be achieved from pure experience and simple adjustments that you can make to your bike (e.g. seat height). It considers all aspects of the way your body fits the bike and how your movements translate into forward motion. The BikeFit experience involves a number of stages which ultimately identify adjustments and provide a set of baseline measurements.

The key steps are as follows:

  1. Anatomical Assessment – this involves taking some measurements (e.g. leg length) and checking your flexibility and other factors which affect your comfort on the bike
  2. Bike Gauge – taking key measurements of your bike to feed into the Retül Bike Fit software as a basis for the BikeFit
  3. Rider Set-Up – velcro pads are fitted to your key joints / pivot points and sensors attached to allow the monitoring equipment to measure your movements. Your cleat fitting is also checked to ensure correct positioning
  4. Run and Adjust Tuning – the BikeFit will monitor you cycling on your bike and benchmark results will be computer generated and enable your Coach to make adjustments before a re-run until the optimal fit is achieved
  5. 3D Analysis – is provided of each run that you perform so you can see the movements and the coach can explain areas where adjustment is needed and the effect this will have
  6. Report – a computer generated ‘reader friendly’ report will be provided either on paper at the end of the session or electronically via email. The information is saved and can be used to check your fit at a later date or assist in setting up other bikes

Our experience is that most riders learn a lot from the experience and quickly get results when back out on the open road.

This also works well for riders who have existing injuries or are prone to injury. Understanding your riding style at an anatomical level helps to establish possible remedial changes to help return to full power and comfort.

About the technology

Retül have been providing technologically advanced bike fitting solutions since 2007 and are a world leader in this space. Their tech is used by British Cycling and other professional teams including Team Sky and Team Europcar to provide their riders with the best riding fit data and ensure their bikes are tuned for optimal performance.

The Bike Factory Whaley Bridge is one of only a handful of companies who have invested in this technology and offer a professional grade service, advice and experience to our customers.

You are welcome to visit our studio to have a look around and talk to our team to discuss how a fitting session would benefit you.**

Please note that BikeFit sessions may vary depending on a particular rider’s specific needs or requirements. The process steps may vary to accommodate individual needs and our dedicated specialists discuss any specific needs you have in advance of your session.

Check out the videos to see the Retül bike fit system in action…



(Please note that current and available technology and software may change from that featured within videos.)