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Retül Bike Fit

Retül Bike Fit

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Retül Professional Bike Fitting – get the most out of your bike and riding experience.  More power, comfort and increased cycling efficiency combined with advice from our professional British Cycling Coach, Charlie or ex-Pro cyclist, Fred.

We recently opened our new dedicated Retül bike fitting studio.  This uses state of the art equipment used by professional cyclists to fine-tune your bike to ensure you get the best performance and riding experience.  Whether you are a new to cycling or more advanced, a BikeFit will help increase your comfort, power and efficiency as well as avoid common injuries and ailments.  Get professional advice and support from our professional coach, Charlie Evans (UCI and British Cycling trainer and coach) and ex-Pro cyclist, Fred Salmon.

After investing in your bike and equipment the most effective next step to get the most out of your riding is to ensure it is adjusted to suit your body, fitness and other attributes.  A correct fit is essential to getting the optimal level of performance from the bike, maximise your comfort while riding and ensuring you avoid common injuries.  This goes well beyond basic adjustments you make to, e.g. seat height, and has proven to deliver great results for cyclists with a wide range of abilities.  View customer feedback.

Our studio is fitted with cutting edge Retül Bike Fit technology which takes precise measurements of your movements while on the back in order to make finite adjustments to your bike which will ensure you can get the most power to the wheels and optimise your efficiency. Whether your goal is to go faster, longer distances or simply be more comfortable, BikeFit provides for this.  A good fit also helps to prevent common injuries or pain to knees, hips and lower back which can result from poorly adjusted bikes.

You will be guided through the BikeFit by British Cycling professional coach, Charlie Evans or Ex professional cyclist Fred Salmon (Team Peugeot, Three Peaks cyclocross winner), offering experience based advice and covering any technical questions you may have. 

The BikeFit takes usually takes 2 hours and combines professional advice with advanced technology to give you an objective set of measurements which ensure your bike is adjusted to fit as perfectly as possible.  Adjustments will be made to your bike during the BikeFit.  However, in some cases it may be necessary to replace components such as seat and handlebar stems and pedals to achieve the optimal fit.  Fred or Charlie will advise on the options available and UKBikeFactory.com can offer a fitting service if required.

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