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Size guides

Size guides

These size guides are intended to help you find the right size for the cycle clothing you want to order.
Most manufacturers use slightly different sizing so a medium jersey by one brand may be slightly different to a medium by another brand.

If you're in any doubt as to what size you need please don't hesitate to get in touch with our instore staff by calling us on 01663 735020 and we'll be happy to help you.

Clothing size guides:

Bike size guides:
Funkier Men's cycle clothing size guide:
size guide for funkier cycle clothing for men
Funkier Women's cycle clothing size guide:
size guide for funkier cycle clothing for women
Funkier Kid's cycle clothing size guide:
size guide for funkier cycle clothing for women
Funkier gloves size guide:
funkier gloves size guide
Funkier overshoes size guide:
funkier overshoe size guide
Funkier arm warmers and arm sun protectors size guide:
funkier arm warmers and arm sun protectors size guide
Funkier leg & knee warmer size guide:
funkier leg & knee warmer size guide
Funkier socks size guide:
funkier socks size guide
Endura Men's size guide:
endura mens clothing size guide
Endura Women's size guide:
endura womens clothing size guide
Endura Children's size guide:
endura childrens clothing size guide
Endura Overshoes & Socks size guide:
endura overshoes & socks size guide
Alé Men's cycle clothing size guide:
Alé men's cycle clothing size guide
Alé Women's cycle clothing size guide:
Alé women's cycle clothing size guide
Madison Men's cycle clothing size guide:
Madison Men's clothing size guide
Madison Women's clothing size guide:
Madison Women's clothing size guide
Madison gloves size guide:
Madison Gloves size chart
General children's bike sizing guide:
general children's bike size guide
Frog Children's bike size guide:
In contrast to many kids' bikes, Frog bikes are sized by the leg length rather than age, as this is the most reliable way of getting the right size of bike for each child. Age alone isn’t a reliable measure as there is a large spread of “normal” leg lengths & heights for each age.

Please take the time to measure the rider’s inside leg. 
It’s easy to measure:

  1. Stand the child in socks against a wall 
  2. Place a small book between their legs, as high as is comfortable 
  3. Ask the child to move away and measure from the top of the book to the floor. 

Once you have measured the inside leg, use this table to find the right size of bike for your child. Note we give the MINIMUM inside leg length for each bike, with the saddle at its lowest setting. At this height, the child will safely and comfortably be able to get their feet on the ground. Don’t worry - Frog Bikes have long seat posts, so the saddle can be raised a long way as the rider grows.

Frog children bike size guide


  Minimum inside leg in cm (in) Approx age Wheel Size Frame Size
Tadpole Mini 24cm 1-2 10"   
Tadpole 31cm (12") 2-3 12"  
Tadpole Plus 38cm (15") 3-4 14"  
Frog 43 43cm (17") 3-4 14" 9"
Frog 48 48cm (19") 4-5 16" 9.5"
Frog 52s  52cm 5-6 20" 10"
Frog 52 52cm (20") 5-6 20" 10"
Frog 55 55cm (22") 6-7 20" 11"
Frog 62 62cm (24") 8-10 24" 12"
Frog 69 69cm (27") 10-12 26" 14"
Frog 73 73cm (29") 12-14 26" 16"
Frog 78  78cm (31") 13+  26"  18" 
Frog Road/Track 58 58cm (23") 6-7 20" 11"
Frog Road/Track 67 67cm (26") 8-12 24" 14"
Frog Road/Track 70 70cm (27") 11-14 26" 17"
Frog MTB 62 62cm (24") 8-10 24" 12.5" 
Frog MTB 69  69cm (27") 10-12 26" 15"
Frog MTB 72  72cm (28")  13+  26"  16"