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Get your bike repaired, serviced or upgraded at UKBikeFactory.com

AtBike Factory workshop banner UKBikeFactory.com we have a large fully equipped workshop, staffed by experienced fully trained CYTECH approved mechanics. We are more than happy to tackle anything from fitting a new inner tube to stripping down your disc brakes and re-bleeding them. We have 3 service packages to choose from below, so when your bike is in need of some T.L.C. we have a service to suit your bike’s needs as well as your pocket.  If you need something different to what's included in our service packages just ask, we'll give you a quote for specific work on your bike.
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  1. Set up brakes and adjust.
  2. Set up gears and adjust.
  3. Adjust headset.
  4. Adjust bottom bracket or check for wear if a cartridge is fitted.
  5. Adjust wheel bearings or check for wear if cartridge bearings are fitted.
  6. Lubricate chain and cables.
  7. Check all parts for tightness and safety.
  8. Prepare a full report sheet.


Total price £35.00 + VAT


  1. Remove gear mechs. Clean, lubricate and refit.
  2. Adjust headset.
  3. Check spoke tension, and true wheels if needed.
  4. Adjust wheel bearings or check for wear if cartridge bearings are fitted.
  5. Strip brake and gear cables lubricate, reassemble and set up brakes and gears.
  6. Remove chain and cassette clean, lubricate and check for wear.
  7. If equipped with cantilever or v-brakes, strip down calipers , clean, re-grease and reassemble. If equipped with disc brakes remove pads and clean caliper, disc and pads, reassemble and respace if needed.
  8. Check all parts for tightness and safety.
  9. Prepare full report sheet.


Total price £50.00 + VAT


  1. Remove gear mechs clean, lubricate and refit.
  2. Remove chain, cassette and cranks clean, lubricate and refit.
  3. Strip down wheel hubs clean and regrease with high grade grease where applicable.
  4. Check spoke tension and true wheels if necessary.
  5. Strip headset clean and regrease with high grade grease.
  6. Strip brake and gear cables and lubricate, before refitting and setting up brakes and gears.
  7. V-brakes and cantilever brakes striped lubricated and refitted. Disc brakes striped , pistons cleaned and lubricated system re-bled and caliper re-spaced if needed.
  8. All parts checked for tightness and safety.
  9. Prepare a full report sheet.


Total cost £80.00 + VAT

For details about booking your bike in for a repair please contact us on 01663 735020 

Cycle repair Pick up/Collection service available in certain areas - call 01663 735020 to arrange a pick up of your bike.

All new cycles have a Pre Delivery Inspection. This is where all new cycles are double checked to ensure every aspect of the cycle is correctly assembled and in full working order, as even a top of the range model, if incorrectly assembled, it will never perform to its true potential.

Free 1st Service. Within the first 4 to 6 weeks (depending on the amount of use) we have all new cycles back to check that everything on the cycle has settled in correctly. We feel this is a very important service as any parts or spokes that may have worked slightly loose can be tightened up before any permanent damage can occur. Also it’s an ideal time to consult us if you have any questions or queries.

If you're looking for bike repairs or bike servicing in the North West including Whaley Bridge, the Peak District, the High Peak, Manchester, Macclesfield, Stockport, Hazel Grove, Poynton, Wilmslow, New Mills, Buxton and surrounding areas then call us on 01663 735020 or drop in and talk to our friendly staff at the Bike Factory and we'll give you a quote and carry out your work to the highest of standards.

Here at UKBikeFactory.com we have many happy customers returning to us time after time for their bikes to be repaired or serviced.

Here's a great testimonial from one of our regular customers who travels 120 miles to bring his bike to us:

"Impeccable Service as I travel 120 Miles, all the way from Rugby for my 1,000(ish!) Miles regular service!!
Damo and the team fix my bike exactly as how I want my bike to feel on the road!!
With Professional, Mechanical Expertise and with an extremely friendly rapport, this really encourages me to spread the word about 'UKBikeFactory.com @ Whalley Bridge, High Peak!'
I also got a complentary coffee while my bike is being serviced too!!
With beautiful panoramic scenic views on my way into Whalley Bridge, one can even test their bikes and personal ability of climbing, some of The Peak District's extremely steep hills, as I regularly do!!"

Richard Carr
Rugby, Warwickshire