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Womens Specific Mountain Bikes

Womens Specific Mountain Bikes

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Here at UKBikeFactory.com based in Whaley Bridge we've been selling women's specic mountain bikes for years.
We've got many loyal female customers who've bought a women's specific mountain bike off us and have many happy hours out on the trail.

Women's specific mountain bikes tend to have slightly different geometry than their unisex counterparts.
The main difference if that the top tube is slightly shorter to account for the average woman having a slightly shorter torso in comparison with men.
This helps keep the reach of the bike from the saddle to the handle bars shorter and reduce overstretching.

Many of the brands we carry offer women's specific mountain bikes such as Scott, Marin, Whyte and more.
If you need any help at all in choosing the right bike for you please feel free to call our specialist team on 01663 725020.